Wedding Ceremony*$300$440$565$690
1 Hour $300$440$565$690
2 Hours$400$560$745$940
3 HoursInquire$680$925$1,170
4 HoursInquireInquire$1,105$1,410

*Total time, including prelude, ceremony, and postlude should not exceed 90 minutes.

Do you have travel fees?

We often travel outside of Portland to perform. Travel fees are only applicable if the distance is greater than twenty miles from Portland, or commuting time is longer than 30 minutes. In order to appropriately compensate our musicians for their travel time and expenses, fees can be significant when travelling long distances.

Will you play outside?

We are happy to play outside. However, our wood instruments are very vulnerable to sun and rain. If it is sunny, we need to be seated in full shade. If there is rain, we need to have shelter such that our instruments do not get wet.

Can you play pieces not listed on your website?

Certainly! Writing new arrangements is our specialty. New arrangements can be written starting at $50.